Allsvenskan in football+ FÖLJIFK Norrköping, world bid on the FranssonFoto: TTFOTBOLL

AEK Athens chasing English players on several fronts.

But with IFK Norrköping, the Greek team of the tournament been bet so far.

SM-runner-up, world, bid of just under ten million on the Alexander Fransson, 24.

Sportbladet has written about how this spring’s Greek master would like to see more English players in the team after succéhistorien with Jakob Johansson in the team.

in Addition, the managed AEK Athens to attract Niklas Hult from the crisis-ridden Club.

Now, everything indicates that the AEK, which played in the Champions League group stage in the autumn, drops his Portuguese star Andre Simoes and you hunt, therefore, the reinforcement in the midfield and has once again turned its gaze towards Sweden and the Swedish allsvenskan.

According to the earlier information to Sportbladet has both Norrköping Simon Thern and Denmark, Jesper Karlström found on the Greek storlagets list of English midfielders that AEK Athens are interested in. Dinamobet

do not Want to sell star

But Fotbollskanalen revealed during Thursday night’s förstaprioriteringen for the reigning champions: IFK Norrkoping’s Alexander Fransson.

But according to reliable Greek data Sportbladet taken part, has IFK Norrköping given the clear message that you do not want to sell landslagsmittfältaren that as late as in the summer, returned to Beijing after a period of time as the federation in Switzerland.

Landslagsmittfältaren moved to Basel in the beginning of 2016 in a move which gave IFK Norrköping, approximately 20 million sek.

According to the Sportbladets data thanked IFK Norrköping no to a bid from AEK Athens on Fransson at just under ten million.

But the greeks ‘ interest for Swedish players does not end there. Sportbladet revealed earlier on Friday that AEK Athens is also looking Heraclesanfallaren Kristoffer Peterson.