It is primarily about the new minimum requirements for new vehicles, such as cars, buses, trucks, and buses that should be sold on the EU market. It is a comprehensive list that was presented already in may, but now advanced forward from the EU ministers against the EU-parliament.

autobroms in cars, ignition interlock device, camera, or sensors that warn when driving in reverse and the intelligent relay in each vehicle?

There is also a requirement that drivers of trucks and buses be a better term out from the vehicles in order to easier be able to detect pedestrians and cyclists with several.

It should also be mandatory with the tire pressure monitoring in commercial vehicles, buses and trucks.

Cars and vans should be forced to have filhållningsassistent and given a softer front end that is not unnecessarily harm vulnerable road users. With more … the List is long.

european automotive organisation, ACEA, objections to the proposal.

this follows a well known pattern. Much of what is proposed are already on the market in a little more lavish cars. But ACEA defend all their members; they also may make the cheapest and least equipped vehicles.

Something that particularly attracted ACEA’s criticism is the intelligent hastighetsövervakningen to prevent the drivers to drive too fast (fixed system is going to force to higher speed and even to turn off).

the ACEA argues that it is difficult for systems already on the market, to read the speeds right.

According to an analysis done for the EUROPEAN commission by british scientists, would the proposals be able to save almost 25 000 lives between 2022-2037.

The proposals will of course make the vehicles more expensive. It makes the buyers pay. Good so!

the Green light. Kia Niro EV first electric car to be appointed to this Year’s family car of the magazine Motorföraren.