Joel the base of the fire played about a month ago for the first time in years. The last quarter of Ajax against the training match feel good.Joel the base of the fire is practicing in summer, HJK’s involved. AOP

Now Joel, the base of the fire consume again the treadmill Bayer leverkusen’s training centre.

– Come four to six weeks backwards. I hope I get in early may back to practice, the base of the fire, said.

the base of the fire wanted to play yet this season and had to take backward steps foot kipeydyttyä.

– of course I had to try. Everyone wanted to get on the field yet this season. Unfortunately there was still time, he told me.

– of course Not can say, when it is perfectly fine, but the legs react for maximum performance. Actually, the only problem is 11 against 11 -the big game, where running long distances hard, the base of the fire, said.

the Picture shows that the bone has collected a bit of liquid. That’s why have to take the tempo out.

the base of the fire rehearsed for a week only condition of the bike saddle. He hopes to return to the field during April and the team for practice before the series ends.

Nearby are

Haunting injury requires mental strength.

– Now has been tested. It tells you how serious the injury is. Year’s day is gone, and still I’m not in full game condition, the base of the fire, said.

we’re Close. Every time the bone reacts to and collect fluid, it kind of also gets tougher.

He has progressed to a serious injury during three or four steps forward and one step back.

it All started quite harmless to the touch of injury caps in Macedonia against march last year.

no – One can tell me what it is and where it came from, the bottom of the fire inches.

the national Team for the June championship qualifying came to the base of the palolle too quickly.

– no way am I anywhere close to full game fitness. The national team is not any issue, if not in full game condition.

in Summer, HJK:

the base of the fire is discussed HJK’s ceo Aki Riihilahti with the June training HJK’s involved before leverkusen’s training season begins.

I’d Rather work out also in summer, normally the team practice. It is very different than alone running and training exercises.

Bayer Leverkusen will play a weak season. Cup of has become an early departure, rather than a series of investment foreshadowed in the Champions league admission. The paint is allowed into the lot.

– in Itself played just fine, but the result is not getting properly done. Of course now was scrape a good 1-0 Stuttgart and were on a losing streak severed, but a little played foolishly and naively, the base of the fire, said.

– Finishing has been a bit wet. Good paint places can be created that game, but for some reason now will not go in. Hopefully, now when was a profit of less than, then can be extended on Nürnbergiä against.