First, a Golden Globe-nomination – now multiple chances of winning on the american Grammygalan. The Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson has been a really good week.

When Grammynomineringarna presented during the Friday afternoon, it was clear that Göransson can win four prizes. He is nominated in the category this year disc for Childish Gambinos ”This is America” – which is also nominated in the category this year let.

Childish Gambino, or Donald Glover as he is really called, and Ludwig Göransson has worked in ten years.

We have been working on for a long time and it is fun to achieve this together, Ludwig Göransson told TT.

come to be praised for a Childish Gambino song, ”Feels like summer”, which is nominated in the category of best r’n’b song. In addition, he may take home the award for best film music for his work with the music to superhjältefilmen ”Black Panther”.

I will only be Ultrabet happy and proud that the project gets this kind of appreciation. This film has had such an incredible influence not just in the U.S. but also in Europe and Asia, ” said Göransson to the TT on the soundtrack the other day when it was clear that he was Golden Globe-nominated.

Ludwig Göransson has previously been nominated for multiple Grammys, but has then had to leave the gala left out in the cold.

the rock band Ghost nominated in two categories – their ”Prequelle” has the chance to be appointed to this year’s rock album. In addition, the song is “Rats” nominated in the category this year rock song.

the Band has previously praised on Grammygalan, 2016 was their ”Cirice” to this year’s metallåt.

Grammygalan arranged in Los Angeles on 10 February. Kendrick Lamar has the most chances of winning, eight pieces, closely followed by Drake, who has seven nominations.

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