What are the symbols and the monuments of a society that chooses to show up at the centre, says a lot about the values on which it is based. The people and events you are proud of and would like to be associated with the statues and the monuments raised over them. What is important, and the admirable will of course vary over time.

the Monument, in the public domain, is a powerful message for all those who are staying close to their homes. It is very understandable that the descendants of the africans who were forced to become slaves in the united states would like to get rid of the statues of the people who sydstatsgeneralen, Robert E. Lee, who led the fight for the conservation area. In a country where racism is still strong, it is disrespectful to continue to humiliate their victims by paying homage to the worst of the tyrants of the monument. Of course, it is not enough to remove or replace the statues, to the eradication of racism and segregation, but the symbols should not be underestimated.

the Debate has finally reached Sweden
Also, in Sweden, has now a belated debate about our nation’s history, our monuments, taking off. It is to be welcomed.

Why do, for example, the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf and Karl XII’s statue at the some of the city’s most central and popular places? The Swedish king Gustav II Adolf the statue was placed at the Gustav Adolf square, in 1796. The statue of Charles XII of sweden, who, pointing to the east with his sword, standing in the Kungsträdgårdens the south since 1868. What is wanted the decision makers to say with this?

There is also a more recent monument, which deserves to be called into question. On the E4 highway, the entrance to the town of Linköping, is a variety of combat aircraft in the tower.

The two envåldshärskarna led the country, at various times of Sweden’s great power era. War, poverty and merciless oppression characterized the era. The Swedish great power era was a dark time in our country, as well as in other countries, was heavily affected by the american aggression.
the Poor, the symbols of Sweden
Then, the statues of these kings were raised to have Sweden essentially has evolved into a democratic and peaceful country. It is the us, although the expression is in the form of a in practice, the mindless, over-developed, and deep a disgrace on Saturday. Krigarkungarna is still rare and ill-symbols of our modern-day Sweden, which we would like to see it. There is also a more recent monument, which deserves to be called into question. On the E4 highway, the entrance to the town of Linköping, is a variety of combat aircraft in the tower. It is really like the weapons, the city would like to introduce themselves?

the Swedish king Gustav II Adolf.Photo by: : HENRIK MONTGOMERY/TT,

just as it is important to move away from the symbols of the things that have been a bad thing, it’s that the lessons of history. It can be, and should not be forgotten. Why not set up a ”statykyrkogård”? Then, in a kind of museum of the dark parts of our history, where the statues of the krigarkungar should be able to get to its natural place of residence. This would allow the much-needed education of the people to be promoted, at the same time, that is, the message in the public environment are to be changed for the better.
Bridget, replace the

Key places the death of Charles XII:s torg, and Gustav Adolf’s torg square in Stockholm, sweden, may, instead, have other symbols or the statues, or to the environment, which communicates the values that we now cherish and value in our society. The expression of peace, of tolerance, of freedom, and the solidarity of belonging to such a thing, who should be invited as well to the capital’s own population, as the visitors from the other countries.

The saints, she is one of a number of possible historical figures who deserve to be highlighted. She had, in their time, what one can call a feminist foreign policy and sought to act as a mediator in the hundred years ‘ war, which was raging in Europe. She is a role model and a good representative of the values that humanity needs, more than ever before, and has been designated as the patron saint of the whole of the EUROPEAN union.
We have raised the issue in 2012
Already in 2012, the exercise we have in the parliament, on the move, the statues of the krigarkungarna to a more secluded spot, and, instead, to erect the monument to the people or the events that we have in today’s Sweden is very proud of that. Such a decision must, of course, will be preceded by a wide social debate, and we are delighted with such, now would seem to be on the road.

as a Former member of parliament (“MP”).

as a Former member of parliament (“MP”).

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