(Mallorca): – I have 24 buildings, jaktrettigheter, fishing rights and rental income. The farm pays herself with the proper utilization, ” says Idar Finstuen to Mallorca.

We are three minutes from Dokka in Nordre Land. Bjørkealleen leads to the 24 buildings with small and large. All built up with heavy stone walls, solid in the rod, and laft, gutters in copper and ceiling in the peat or slate to 3.000 euros per square meter. Now, Finstuen sell.

But the rate on the all together is lower than what a råtomt of 1.1 goals on Slemdal in Oslo, was posted for this week.

– Not farm, but the museum

– People in the municipality say that this is not a farm, but a museum, says Finstuen to the newspaper.

Here is a main house of over 500 square meters, a semi-detached for rental of over 200 square meters and a stålhall of 1,000 square meters, where Finstuen has collected a total of 300 veterankjøretøyer all the way back from 1917 – mainly jernhjulstraktorer and motorcycles, but also some of the cars. In addition, he has a lot of bondeantikviteter, writes the newspaper.

Here is a forge, mechanical workshop, parking garage for 20 cars, a modern carpentry shop, four storehouses, three cabins, four redskapsbygg, søppelhus, dog yard and a melkerampe.

– Valuation is ridiculously low. It is typical for the limitations landbruksmyndighetene sets. It doesn’t matter that I’ve spent 40 million. It is something that is klin wrong, says Finstuen to the newspaper.

Huge potential

Although he bought the farm as a dødsbo 1.4 million in 1987. Since he has acquired the neighboring property and a farm on The, restored everything from the ground up, built new and moved into the buildings. The farm is on the 2.000 target, of which 150 goals cultivated land and the remainder forest and mountain terrain.

– There is a huge potential for revenue here. The forest can be cut down and it can be adjusted to a good part hyttetomter on Synnfjellet, says Finstuen to the newspaper, which itself only has taken out 350-400.000 from the rental, which bortforpakting of the earth amounts to 18.000.

The only thing that disturbs the idyll is a derelict building where the Finstuen currently have demolished barn to build ten stallplasser that he thinks could potentially utleies for 6.000 euros per unit in the month.

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