Christmas music+ FÖLJRadioprofilen after 24 hours of christmas music: ”It was disgusting”PLEASURE

24 hours with christmas songs in the speakers.

it Is sweet music to the ears – or pure torture?

Radioprofilen Erik Myrlund tested to sit locked up and listening to christmas songs in a day.

– It may sound easy, but it was disgusting. When I was done I had tears in my eyes because I just wanted out, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

Can christmas music be harmful for the health?

Yes, if you ask radioprofilen Erik Myrlund who after having been trapped in a small room and fed with festive melodies in 24 hours are now planning to flee the country and avoid everything what christmas music is called.

07: 00 am on Friday morning released Erik Myrlund, presenter for Power Hit Radio, out of the room by his colleagues. The radio station has diligently followed the recent debate about julmusiken is perceived as painful by the shop staff.

When Erik Myrlund and the rest of the colleagues also found Nöjesbladets article from 2017, where a psychologist argues that classics like ”More christmas” and ”All I want for Christmas” can be directly harmful to mental health, was the experiment a fact. Erik Myrlund was locked up at the radio station with a lot of christmas songs as a companion.

– I hate christmas music. When I went to the Vasaloppet, and went in the goal, then I cried. This was a mental effort, and really as the equivalent of a physical marathon, so when I came out I was empty and finished, exhausted and happy. And grateful to be released, ” he said on Friday afternoon and continues:

”Mushy in the skull” Kralbet

– I was a little scared in the morning when I was released out. I would just make a couple of stuff, as I do every morning before the show, but I could not perform them. I can’t concentrate on such a simple task to move a file to another folder. It is something I do every day! I’m still very mushy in the skull.

The otherwise so rap radio announcer stumbles on the words when he in a leisurely pace, talks about the torturous experience. ”Light a candle”, he has been told 156 times, a song that is five minutes long.

” here, ”Dom-dom-dom-dom” in ”light a candle” felt like small needles on the eardrum. It was thirteen hours with the song. I will never make it here. It may sound easy, but it was disgusting. When I was done I had tears in my eyes, for I wanted out. I have an act of aggression against Niklas Strömstedt now that is not fair to him, for he has not done anything wrong here, ” he says and adds:

Fleeing the country

– You start to enjoy the here two, three seconds of silence between songs. And then comes the Wham with ”Last christmas”. It was really horrible after a while the also.

do you Feel that too much christmas music can be harmful?

– Yes. Oh well. So, yes. Yes. I am the proof for it here. The most simple tasks this morning, I completed the not of.

1 of 2 Erik Myrlund after day with christmas music.

do you Think maybe you are an especially easy victim because you still don’t like christmas music?

– I work on the radio channel and is used to having songs on, but christmas music is a genre of his own. There are a lot of bells that begin to stick after a while with lökiga texts, it is so sleek and beautiful though we know that christmas is a stress for many. I think that I actually is a pretty good result for a wide audience.

How do you go forward now?

– I’ve just been sitting in a completely quiet room for a while. I think I’ll sleep until Sunday, ” he says and continues:

– Now it will be abroad over christmas. No christmas music, no Swedish in all cases. I will avoid Niklas Strömstedt and malls and so I will have a quiet weekend first and foremost.

Here is jullåtarna most played 00:39