In the world that has been more guns sold. The peace research Institute, SIPRI reports a third increase in a row. The experts are not surprised, however.

The production of armaments in the world has increased in the past year. According to the Stockholm peace research Institute SIPRI, sales grew for the third year in a row. Many countries currently modernising their weapons systems, it was said to the grounds.

Accordingly, the 100 largest arms companies in the world arms and military services in the value of 398,2 billion US dollars (around 350 billion Euro) sold. The were 2.5 percent more than the year before. “The development does not come unexpected for us,” said SIPRI expert Aude Fleurant. The renewal of the weapons systems “has been planned for a long time, and goes over a long period of time.”

United States sell the most

Also, the tensions in certain countries and regions would have the demand for more modern systems, said SIPRI. The demands of the United States, the European countries should make a greater contribution to the Western military Alliance NATO, could not be determined from these data.

Among the 100 largest defense companies alone, 42 from the USA. They have increased, according to the peace researchers their sales by two percent and are now available for 57 percent of all global arms sales. “U.S. companies benefit directly from the ongoing demand of the Jokerbet US Department of defense to weapons,” said Fleurant.