Six people reported trampled to death on the Italian nightclub. It writes the news agency dpa.

the Accident happened on the night of Saturday, when the outbreak of panic among those present at the nightclub, Laterna Azzurra in the city of Corinaldo, near Ancona, on Italy’s east coast.

the Panic occurred when there were reportedly sprayed with tear gas or some other form of gas or liquid. According to the newspaper Corriere Della Sera is more than 120 people wounded, including ten seriously.

According to the AFP news agency should the accident have happened around the clock 01.00.

Photo: Vigili del Fuoco/AP

Local fire authorities writes in a statement on Twitter, that you don’t yet know who or what has caused the spread of the tear gas.

– the Reason may have been the spread of a sticky substance that got the young people to escape out from the building and treading over each 1xbet other in panic, standing there in the opinion.

– Unfortunately, the six dead and many wounded.

A 16-year-old boy was with his friends present at the nightclub when the panic broke out. He is among the injured brought to the hospital.

– We danced and waited for the concert to begin, when we could smell a pungent stink, he says, according to AFP.

– We ran towards the emergency exit but it was blocked, so the doorman asked us to go back again.

Photo: Vigili del Fuoco/AP

According to the dpa, there are numerous ambulances and police officers present at the scene of the accident.

Police have begun an investigation to identify what is the cause of the incident.

the Nightclub was Saturday, the host of a hip-hop concert, and according to local rescuers, it is estimated that there were more than 1000 people present in the club.