After recording a gain of 2.19% in a day that was free from major macroeconomic indicators, the Stock Exchange once more surpassed the 8,100 point mark in this session. The session ended at 8,122 points for the Ibex-35. Arcelormittal (5.42%), Indra (5.2%), CaixaBank (5.6%), Repsol (4.833%), Solaria (4.744%), Solaria (4.7%), and Acerinox (4.7%). Only Enagas (-9.99%), Cellnex (0.05%) recorded falls.

The current context is characterized by high inflation and central bank decisions (the Fed minutes published last night indicate a higher rate increase than the ones approved so far), fear of economic slowdown, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The Spanish stock market recovered gradually over the course of the week after Tuesday’s crash, when it dropped 2.5%.

This good development was largely due to the fact that the Governing Board of the European Central bank (ECB), at its June monetary policy meeting, agreed to announce a 25 basis points rise in interest rates for July. However, discussions before the final consensus reached were favorable to avoiding a prior commitment, which would have left the door open for a higher intensity increase, according to the summary of the meeting, published on Thursday.

Other European stock markets also closed trading sessions with gains. They have increased to 1.4% in London and 1.6% in Paris, respectively, and 1.97% in Frankfurt, as well as 2.19% in Milan.

This Thursday also saw the Treasury place 5,200 million euros in a second auction of State bonds. The demand was higher than the amount that was awarded, but all interest rates are already positive.

However, Brent quality oil was quoted at 106.19 Dollars, with a 5% increase.

Indra’s shares rose 5% following the announcement that the new independent directors would be appointed at an extraordinary shareholders meeting last week. To recruit the independent directors, Indra has engaged a specialist firm that will consider gender equality criteria.