On 20 October 2020 opens the six-month long world expo in Dubai. Together with the Swedish association of Architects, the committee for Sweden’s participation in the world exhibition Expo 2020 in Dubai – on behalf of the government – has organised a competition for how the pavilion will look like. The winning entry is called “The forest” and was created by Alessandro Ripellino arkitekter, in collaboration with the Studio Adrien Gardère and Luigi Pardo Architetti.

They have been inspired by the Swedish forests.

” the Forest is an archetypal environment. It is very Swedish, and all have a clear picture of it. The great thing about the forest is that it is available and free for all, it also has a type of meditative relaxation that we really need in the day, sums up Alessandro Ripellino.

the expo is ”Connecting minds – creating the future”. The exhibition will have three areas: opportunity, mobility and sustainability. The Swedish pavilion will be in the area of sustainability. The theme for the pavilion is ”co-creation for innovation”.

Betxlarge – It is fundamental for us has been that there are many individuals in the forest: the creatures and organisms interact and work together to renew it. In order to produce new life. This work is based on sustainability, and we will therefore only to work with wood and natural materials to capture the theme, he continues.

in the committee for Sweden’s participation in the world exhibition Expo 2020 in Dubai, says that Sweden has participated in the world fairs since 2010, when it was held in Shanghai.

– Sweden is involved only when there is interest from the business community to be with. The state does together with the business a joint venture. So it is not the state alone, ” he stresses.

– 165 million. It covers the whole of the bet: the pavilion, the exhibition and the employees. We do a balanced sharing of costs with the business. So there will be 82.5 million kronor from the state, and as much from the business. This is one of the larger Swedish exportsatsningarna, according to the government.

– Part of the international: that the countries in the world, which actually is moving increasingly towards nationalism, to turn to each other and see how the countries can meet in instead – what you can offer each other, ” he says.

– It is the co-creation is the way forward. Then, it is an important part of Swedish exports.

the Exhibition will be inaugurated on 20 October 2020, and is open until april 10, 2021.