(Obi.en): It is now four weeks since the Norges Bank put up the base rate – the initial interest rate increases since may 2011.

Banks was not slow to increase interest rates on their mortgages.

at the same time, most banks, such as Nordea and Sbanken, up their deposit rates.

Sat sparerenten down

But not all innskuddskunder have had the pleasure of a rate hike.

A customer of Instabank can tell the Obi.now that he a few days ago was told that the interest rate on sparekontoen his be down .

the Explanation of the change of sparerenten was “a result of market changes the last time.”

I would like to make note that the Norges Bank put UP the base rate. Find it very strange that the Instabank use this as justification for putting DOWN the interest rate. How is this possible? wrote a rather surprised customer to the bank’s call centre according to the e-mail correspondence Obi.en has been given access to.

– Too many deposits Before the change had the customer of 2.00 percent interest on deposits of 1-2 million. The new interest rate is 1.90 per cent respectively.

a Few hours later came the answer from the bank.

– the Cause of renteendring on deposit with us is simply that there are too many customers who have made a deposit in the Instabank the last period. It is a nice challenge, but do, unfortunately, that we will have to put down the interest rate. This is a part of the ongoing work in a bank for liquidity and capital management, explained an advisor at the call centre.

the Adviser hurried so to make note of that bank with his savings account still “offers one of the best innskuddskonti without limitations in the number of withdrawals, and no contract period”.

An overview of the industry’s highest deposit rates you can find for example here (Instabank are here listed with 1,93 per cent, but it is on deposits up to one million).

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Then it is not 20 or 30, but 50 per cent down