Seven Domino’s stores are automatically been closed in the deepest silence.

It writes BT.

the door to the shops in Ballerup, Roskilde, Taastrup, Viborg, Køge, Aarhus V, and at Vesterbro in Copenhagen hangs there reportedly signs with the message that the shops are closed.

On the Domino’s website shows stores also no longer of the statement of which can be pizzas.

Pizzakæden have not reported out, why the shops have been closed from one day to the other, but it happens shortly after, among others, Jetbahis the TV2 programme ‘Operation X’, as well as the Extra Magazine has put the focus on the repeated violations of the food law.

” This has been a serious case of a chain, where it has been an ingrained part of the culture to cheat. When you have so big problems with hygiene, it is a natural consequence to close the shops down, ” says senior adviser in the food policy Camilla Udsen from the Consumer council Think to BT.

In september described the Extra Leaf for example, how, according to Copenhagen Municipality’s pied piper, as well as the Danish veterinary and food administration was hit pizzas over the counter in the shop on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen, even though the rats had overskidt the store.

Both the employees in the store and to the management of Domino’s denied the sale of pizzas after rotteangrebet.

Shortly after moved According to the expert team out to check up on a variety of information from the ‘Operation X’, where the through the hidden camera was documented, how the meat and other toppings to the pizzas after all that the judge was provided with the new datestamp long after that, otherwise it was too old.

the Fda found also highly dubious conditions in several of the chain’s then 30 shops.

– In 22 of the pizzeriaerne we gave the penalties – especially for the problems with the dates, but also for the poor cleaning and food temperatures were too high. Violations, which may put food security at risk, said Michael Rosenmark, chief of the According to the Team, to the Extra Leaf in september.

According to Domino’s, however, there was no health hazard, and pizzakædens bosses have complained about several of the According to the conclusions.

Just a few weeks later I was however mad again, when the Fda visited Domino’s in Ballerup. Here found the inspectors, among other things, a so disgusting and obnoxious personaletoilet, that was awarded both the fine and an acid smiley.

’Between toiletbræt and the cistern appears the hinges and porcelain with urine and brownish accumulations, which is considered to be the stool,’ stood among other things in the inspection report from the visit.

’There is a risk that staff who use the exposed toilet, become contaminated to such a degree that they may transfer pathogenic bacteria to food, which makes food them unfit for human consumption’, there is also.

And here stops the madness not.

Just a week later pluck the Fda out to Domino’s in Slagelse and to find once again old food.

– When we checked the dates on goods in the cold room, we noted that, on the mozerellaosten was written different dates, for example, the 11/10 and the 36/10, explained Gitte Thomsen from According to the task force subsequent to the Ekstra Bladet.

– We wondered, of course, particularly over the date the 36/10, but it confirmed to us that there were a number of inconsistencies with the food best-before dates, which we enjoined that the company should get a grip on.

According to BT is the closures of the seven Dominos-stores happened twice.

the Shops in Copenhagen and in Vesterbro in Copenhagen was supposedly closed on the 10. October, which was the day after According to the visit to the soggy personaletoilet in Ballerup, while the rest of the shops were closed on the 15. October.

It is not managed BT to get a comment from the management at Domino’s.

the Extra Leaf has Friday night also tried to contact the chain, but by the release of this article have not received any response.