at the time, or landing, or slowdown. House prices in Spain continued to hot up during the third quarter of the year, and the segment that they threw with more force was the property of second hand. According to data from the INE, from the scriptures of attorney, the transactions of purchase and sale of houses of second hand between July and September this year reflecting an increase in prices year-on-year by 7.3%. This is the highest rate registered since the third quarter of 2007, on the threshold of the bursting of the housing bubble.


The Spanish cities where the highest rises in housing, what will Touch the ceiling, the price of housing this year?

The behavior to something more moderate of the new housing, which rose 6.1%, puts the overall rate at 7.2%. It is also the highest figure since 2007, although in this case already reached a dimension similar in the fourth Dumanbet quarter of last year, and then the increments were attenuated again. Of time, in the variation intraanual, that is to say, since starting in 2018 until September, the level is similar to that recorded in 2017. Will need to wait for both the fourth quarter to see if the trend continues or if there is a slight cooling as it happened in previous occasions, after a peak price increase. The statistics of the last three months of the year, will allow us to know in addition if the chaos started in the Supreme Court by the mortgage tax has affected the sales and prices.

The statistics disseminated by the INE on Friday also allows you to see the evolution by Autonomous Communities. Again, we highlight the growth in Madrid and Catalonia, 10.9% and 9.1% respectively. Are the only two communities, along with the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, which grew above the Spanish average. But in none of the two is the maximum peak in the last year. This means that the record at the national level is due to the fact that prices in the rest of the regions it warms up gradually, although with climbs more sustainable, while in Madrid and Catalonia is barely cool.