The ministerial orders to which the previous Government was ordered to pay the costs of the Beaver, the failed store submarine gas located off the coast of Castellón, they are falling one by one in the courts. The Supreme court has nullified the compensation of Beaver of the year 2016, estimating a resource of the Catalan employers Cecot. The ruling, which has had access to THE COUNTRY, obliges us to return more than 100 million euros.

Of them, 15.7 million correspond to the amount that he received Enagás for taking care of the maintenance of the facility, which remains closed after causing hundreds of earthquakes in 2013 and not getting to unfold. Other 80 correspond to the annual invoice for the investment of Castor (1.350 million euros in total) and another 4.5 is paid to Escal UGS (the then owner of Beaver) for the maintenance expenses generated before that would take care of it Enagás. The ruling nullifies article 4 of the ministerial order published in the official gazette by the end of 2015.

The judgment of the Supreme invokes two previous rulings in the same sense: one relating to the payments of 2015, which also won Cecot recently and another that gave the reason to the Catalan government, which also called for the cancellation of the remuneration of 2016. The Administration notes the decision of the court, you must “take appropriate measures to proceed to the refund of the amounts paid under the order that is declared null and void”. Both Cecot as Piabet the government has challenged the orders of tolls and canons of the gas of the past years in the part that affects the payments of Beaver. Of time you have earned and the 2015 and 2016 have been canceled.

The Constitutional Court declared the end of 2017 unconstitutional and null several articles that made reference to these costs in the way that the previous Government ordered that they be paid. The Executive of Mariano Rajoy approved a royal decree-law in 2014 in the that established both compensation to the owner of the store Castor (1.350 million euros) and the payment to Enagás for maintaining the failed installation gas. The Constitutional did not consider that he had made through a decree-law, because it was not a situation of “extraordinary and urgent need”.

After that ruling, Enagás has not claimed the bill from the years 2017 and 2018, and is now going to have to return the 2015 and 2016. However, the Government has included in the proposed order which regulates the tolls and gas to 2019 the fee for the maintenance of the store. These rights of recovery include both the bill 2019 (8.7 million euros) as the 2017 and 2018 for the same amount).