stock prices prohibited The financial Supervisory authority, BaFin has a new speculation in the case of the end of the payment service provider Wirecard. After the course, knocking out a “threat to the market, it is feared would trust in Germany”.

In premarket trading, Wirecard-shares listed on the six percent in the Plus. This surprising step was extremely positive for the beleaguered stock, said a trader. Prior to the start of the recent downturn as a result of the ‘FT’article, the shares had cost almost 170 euros. Most recently, she commuted to 100 Euro.

for More course information to Wirecard

From now on, new net-short positions in the shares of Wirecard to enter or to increase existing net short positions, it shall notify BaFin today. The ban to place by means of short selling on share prices, applied up to 18. April.

Markus Braun, CEO, Wirecard

BaFin feared by the most recent price swings, with Wirecard in the Wake of media reports about alleged financial irregularities in the payment processor “a serious threat to market confidence in Germany”.”In the current Situation, the risk that the uncertainty of the market increases and escalates into a General market uncertainty,” stressed the BaFin.

“allegations baseless”

the trigger for the recent sell-off in the case of Wirecard reports the Financial Times (“FT”) on a possible balance sheet manipulation in the Wirecard branch office in Singapore. The financial group has the allegations as baseless and announced legal steps against the newspaper. In the past there have been repeated allegations against Wirecard, which the share price dips and under investigation for market manipulation, followed.

Wirecard, with its headquarters in the Munich suburb of Aschheim handles for corporate clients all over the world for Online payments between consumers, merchants and banks, and collects fees. The group benefited like few others from the global shift of payment flows on the Internet.



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