the Rapper Lil Pump was on Tuesday evening arrested in Copenhagen. Jesper Storm Thygesen, who is the star’s Danish lawyer, says to Ekstra Bladet, the 18-year-old rapper finds himself in an unknown location in Copenhagen Airport, where he is, according to the lawyer be required to provide a signature on a document.

– I have been contacted by his american lawyer, who has asked me to sort out the matter, says Jesper Storm Thygesen.

In a video that Lil Pump has shared on his Instagram story, you can Casino Siteleri see the young rapper sitting in the back seat of a personnel carrier, where the Danish uniformed cops sitting in front of, while he gives them the finger.

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Lil Pump was in Copenhagen and give a concert in connection with his tour, which would also have brought him to Finland today and on to Norway on Thursday.

Nothing, however, could indicate that the Pumps plans have begun to take….

Extra Magazine follows the case…