DR’s new advent calendar, ‘Theo & The Magic Talisman’, have been unfortunate from the start.

In the production of the second section had the subtitles from the us release Day Malmberg crept up in the top of the image instead of the bottom, where they usually listen to.

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The misplaced subtitles got immediately a number of DR’s viewers to the keys.

‘Why the hell the subtitles in advance, Theo and the magic talisman be up in the minds of the performers it’s damn irrerterne’, wrote Andreas Ulnits Fabild on DR’s Facebook profile.

He was complemented by the Vibe Ammitzdorf:

‘See when to get the subtitles on the christmas calendar down at the bottom where they belong’, she wrote, and ended with four red-hot, sour smileys.

DR-employee Rebekah has the answer to both Andreas Unlits Fabild and the Vibe Ammitzdorf.

‘I understand shame very well. It is very regrettable, Casino Siteleri and of course it has not been the intention. I have started to investigate the problem, so it does not happen again’, she wrote to Andreas.

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It has not yet managed to get a comment from DR to BT, DR Bo Jensen, who works in technical services, confirmed that the man has taken the error into account.

– There has been a technical fault during tonight’s advent calendar, and it has been reported on, ” says Bo Jensen.

He is on Sunday night not aware of what the fault is.

– It may be an error on the file. Once in a while mistakes are made on our equipment, and we don’t get alerts at. There sits only one man to monitor it, and he has not the opportunity to go all through our eight channels, explains Bo Jensen.

Monday morning is the subtitles in julekalenderens the second paragraph on DR TV, in the bottom of the image, as they should.