Up on the horse again.

Thalia Pitzner, which looms in the TV2 Zulu ‘Diamantfamilien’, has come badly hurt, after she is dropped on the stallion Linus.

The 25-year-old dressurrytter have Monday and Tuesday shared pictures and videos on her Instagram profile of her bruised face after she was rushed to Hillerød Hospital.

the Material shows Thalia Pitzner included in a headrest and with a black eye, ulcers on the nose and around the mouth.

‘Linus and I crashed today. Can’t quite remember what happened and the whole process from the ambulance to the hospital.. but is now at home with mother, which fits on me the next few days’, she writes.

She informs, moreover, that she has got a concussion, that she is troubled by pain in Goldenbahis the head, back and neck, as well as that she has been sewn four stitches in the mouth.

Elvira Pitzner bemoaning his sister’s fall on Instagram. Private
Neither Thalia Pitzner, her mother, Katarina Pitzner, or sister Elvira Pitzner has the answer Ekstra inquiries.

Elvira Pitzner, however, on Instagram expressed that the fall has affected her.

‘Love you @pitzner so uncomfortable to see you like that. Is glad there is not more than that.’

Thalia Pitzners mother, Katarina, suits its hard for included daughter, until she comes out. Photo: DR
Thalia Pitzners mother, Katarina Pitzner, thank you for its følgeres understanding in the wake of the daughter’s fall on Instagram.

She has cared for and nurtured her daughter since the fall.

‘Thank you to all of You who have written sweet greetings to Thalia (and me)’, she writes on her profile.

Thalia Pitzner has for a period been working in Hoogeveen in the Netherlands, where she trained others horses.

today she lives in the north of Zealand with her grandparents, but still working as a horse trainer.