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making a pompomgirlang of up left over yarns is no art. Pysselexperten Helena Schader Söderberg best tips show you step by step how to make personal ornaments to the christmas tree.

Julpyssel: pompomgirlang

You need



Sharp scissors

darning needle

JulpysselJulpysselGör like this:

Select the size of the pompomverktyget. Here are used templates which gives the yarn balls in the size of 5.5 cm–7.5 cm in diameter. Each template consists of two parts. Put them together, they will stay together as soon as you start wrapping the yarn. When you wrapped the yarn around one half of the two templates so, you can proceed with the other. You are going to wrap so Tipobet much yarn that it halvmånformade the hole in the middle will be filled completely.


When both sides are färdiglindade lock the tool with the two little hasparna. Now is the time to start cutting! The clip in the groove between the two templates, all the way around. Cut a piece of yarn and tie tightly around the garnbollen, make a double knot. Open hasparna/the lock, open the template and remove it from the garnbollen.


You will notice that the garnbollarna not completely round. It fixes you, simply trim them with a pair of scissors. It is almost the best job!


When you have made all your garnbollar it is time to thread them on a piece of yarn to create your girlang. With a darning needle it goes fast and smooth. 7 skeins of 50g yarn is enough for about 7 st big garnbollar and 14 st small.


Tips! the thicker The yarn the faster it is possible to make garnbollarna, they are also becoming fluffier. Acrylic yarn works best. Also try to make multi-colored garnbollar by mixing two different colors and wrap at the same time. Moreover, it goes twice as fast!

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Easter : Here is the easter origin

Valborg : Therefore, we celebrate every year

ascension : Therefore, we celebrate Christ’s himmelsfärdsdagen

may 17 : This is why the norwegians celebrate syttende mai

Pentecost : Therefore, we celebrate pentecost

Ramadan : Therefore, celebrated the muslim festival of every year

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