His plays are successes, his face is familiar and his opinion is free and clear-cut. Michel Fau, who triumphs in Trap for a Single Man at the Théâtre de la Michodière, was the guest of “Figaro La Nuit”, Thibaut Gaultier’s traveling show. The actor spoke at length about the politicization of the profession.

He first attacked the Molières evening, “a forum which demands things that we hear every day: pensions, police violence. We hear that all day long…” “We have an evening to honor the theater and they bring it out to us. That’s enough. That’s why no one is looking,” he says.

The 58-year-old actor also attacked “artists no longer make art but give their opinion on the social divide”. “Even though they are privileged people. The actors who make films are extremely rich,” he says, scratching a few names along the way.

“I am a craftsman, I earn a good living. That’s why I don’t bring it back too much. Michel Simon, Pierre Brasseur or Michel Bouquet never talked about that. The artist must remain the king’s fool and not the courtier,” he adds. “If we don’t claim to be left-wing in this profession, we are right-wing. I’m not right-wing, I’m Dadaist,” concludes Michel Fau with a big smile.