– Since I was six, I have known that I was crazy! found Henry Rollins added his usual aplomb.

Now he is 57. And he is still crazy. And insanely good.

The underlined Rollins with a characteristically scathing, as he is in the DR Koncerthusets sold-out Studio 2 delivered a superb volley through 135 of the inexorable minutes.

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the Man is Slayer without the music. He is INTENSITY personified.

The speedsnakkende motormund drank not a single sip of water. He was shown barely breathing in the course of his amokagtige tour de force.

Energibundtet from Washington, D. C. is, first and foremost, the former singer of the legendary punkrockband Black Flag, but multi-talented is also a radio host, actor, writer, publisher and activist.

in recent decades, he has however had the most success with his humorous onemanshows, which should get any american standupkomiker to sit down and give up his career. Crying. Ligobet

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Rollins took the stage at 20 sharp. Although he was just as sharp.

Ildsjælen had renewed its concept by thunder loose on the basis of a series of expressive photographs, he has taken on his many travels to war zones and other destinations where people usually do not keep the holiday.

He told stories about to witness kakofoniske pingvinorgier at the South pole, and about the time he was in Russia, where it was so cold that his spytklatter was to ice before they hit the frozen platform on the trans-siberian railway.

It was also not boring, as the camel pushed Rollins off up the front of the stage at a blues festival in the Sahara. Or when he saw kremeringer under the open sky in the far east.

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He possesses an almost obsessively drive, which makes him appear exceptionally captivating, and added hysterical facial expressions and superb timing he combines a jægersoldats discipline with an open-minded humanism, which is quite breathtaking.

In the fourth grade he was diagnosed ADHD. It suffers from he still. Fortunately.