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Perhaps it is the couch that is the home’s real heart? Here are 18 stylish sofas for the autumn cosy evenings.

Colourful, trendy, pastelligt or neutral no matter what style you choose is probably one of the biggest advantages to curl up on the couch under a blanket, light candles, drink tea and watch a really good series.

Betasus Colourful sofas brightens up the living room.

Brown sofa Cube, 55 000 sek, Eilersen. the Red sofa Livorno XL, 10 995 usd, Mio. Black sofa Djursholm, 9 995 sek, Soffadirekt.see. the Senapsgul sofa King, 18 950 kr, The sofa store. the Green sofa Amelia, 13 950 sek, The sofa store.

Pastel tones on the couch for a soft feel.

Beige sofa Turn, 24 699 sek, Ferm living. the Sofa with divan Madison lux, 25 490 usd, Mio. the Sofa Bridge, 80 000 sek, Eilersen. the corner Sofa , 55 000 sek, Norrgavel. the Pink sofa Estelle, 19 995 sek, EM home.