“We can’t not think of Daft Punk.” Thomas Jolly, director of the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games, does not hide it: he thought of Daft Punk for the launch of the big sports fortnight on July 26, 2024. Guest of France Inter on Tuesday to talk about this event followed every four years by nearly a billion and a half viewers, the actor and director shared some clues as to how the ceremony took place.

When Léa Salamé asks him about the possible participation of Daft Punk, the one who promised to deliver “the most beautiful and greatest show in the world” initially remains measured: “Daft Punk would be very happy if they were this ceremony. We can’t not think of Daft Punk when we think of a success, an international exposure of a French group. A few minutes later, Thomas Jolly admitted to having “lied a little” about Daft Punk, suggesting that their participation was already guaranteed.

Daft Punk has never been talked about as much since their breakup in 2021 as in recent weeks. There was Thomas Bangalter’s orchestral album, the reissue of Random Acces Memories to celebrate the album’s tenth anniversary and now their possible appearance for the 2024 Olympics. This contrasts with months of silence from the leaders electronic music in France and around the world, which had practically given no sign of life for two years.