Die another day. Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan received a ticket for venturing off authorized trails in the famous Yellowstone Park in the United States, American media reported Thursday.

The Irish-American actor was walking in early November in the large national park, known for its geysers and hot springs, and received a fine for “traveling on foot in a thermal area”, according to the Los Angeles Times, which said he saw a copy of the ticket. Visitors to the 9,000 square kilometer park are required to stay on specially designed trails to avoid slipping into the scalding, acidic waters underground.

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Last year, rangers found the remains of a human foot in one of the hot springs, where temperatures can reach around 60 degrees Celsius. In 2016, a young man died after falling into one of these springs. Former agent 007 escaped the tragedy.

Yellowstone is one of the most visited parks in the United States and welcomes millions of visitors each year.