Anders Samuelsen and the Liberal Alliance must eat enough of a humiliation.

On a hasteindkaldt press conference has Danish prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) has just made clear that the government is completely dropping to come through with a greater relief of the income tax.

– We do true that we are not this game can deliver on our ambition to provide families with more air in the budgets. It seems to me, is sad, says the prime minister.

– the Government have come to the conclusion that in order to get a good start in 2018, we will rather focus more on what we agree on.

Loop explains as the reason for his decision, that he will not negotiate tax breaks and udlændingestramninger in the same breath, such as DF require.

– the Government has decided to decouple the tax policy debate from the udlændingepolitiske debate, he notes.

the Announcement comes after Kristian Thulesen Dahl (DF) in the weekend, escalating the crisis in the blue block, when he once more flapping loose on the Liberal Alliance and sowed the seeds of doubt about whether the Danish people’s Party, will point to Lars Løkke Rasmussen at the next elections.

– We left each other before christmas with a hængeparti on the tax and immigration matters, points out Lars Loop at its press conference.

– The risk that we are going into in an elongated process where we run the risk of blocking other necessary decisions.

the Government went through a very dramatic month of december, where LA threatened not to vote for the budget bill, if not tax cuts came in the house before the new year. Here is his tweet from 8. december:

Anders Samuelsen ended, however, with dropping its threats and the budget bill slipped through Parliament with the support of a unified civic block.

however, It is not only Anders Samuelsen, as do true a defeat with today’s announcement.

Also, Lars Lokke has for years dreamed of to facilitate the tax. See what thoughts he has made in the field of taxation including.

Extra the Magazine’s political editor, Steen Larsen, analysing the situation in the government. TV: Jonas Olufson

Loop fight for tax breaks

Danish Prime minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) said Tuesday at a news conference that the government will negotiate a significantly smaller tax agreement, than the first, up to.

It must be decoupled Gobahis from the paradigm shift in immigration policy, says.

Get an overview of the V-the president’s attempt to be relieved of the tax:

* It-should-be-paying-itself-to-work-reform

At the Liberal party convention in the autumn of 2013 heralded the Loop a reform.

First there would be a “modern kontanthjælpsloft” to limit how much a kontanthjælpsmodtager can receive in public services. It was a reality in 2016. Secondly, should the tax be lowered at the bottom.

* the Left government in the summer of 2015

V-the government, in its programme for government fixed that the top could be lowered by five percentage points, after demands from the Liberal Alliance.

the Foundation also contained an objective to “lower taxes for the lowest earners” and heralded skatteforhandlinger in the spring of 2016.

* First the postponement and threat

Forårsforhandlingerne in 2016, was postponed because the economy was so the pressure of rising asyludgifter.

It was LA leader Anders Samuelsen to threaten the government of life. Without skatteforhandlinger in the spring, he could “not guarantee that the government are following the Constitution”.

* Loop compromise

V-the government survived as the familiar 5. June and could be in the late summer of 2016 will present its big 2025-plan “the master plan”. The put up for a topskattelettelse of five percentage points – but only for those who earn up to a million dollars a year.

It was not enough for Anders Samuelsen, who maintained topskattelettelser of five percentage points all the way up as the ultimate requirements. It rejected the DF.

* Regeringsudvidelsen

Loop invited in november 2016, the Liberal Alliance and The Conservatives in the government.

In trekløverregeringens programme for government there is a general objective that the “top must play a much smaller role than today”.

* Historically huge tax breaks

In august 2017, acknowledged Anders Samuelsen, that there is no majority for topskattelettelser. But he promised at the same time, historically large tax cuts in VLAK-government skatteudspil.

the Government and the Danish people’s Party has since negotiated tax along with the budget bill for next year.

* New threats

the Government’s ambition to countries a tax agreement with the “historic tax cuts” failed before christmas.

9. January tells the Loop that the government will negotiate a significantly smaller tax agreement, than the first, up to.

It must be decoupled from the paradigm shift in immigration policy, says.

Sources: Politiken, DR, and Ritzau.


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