Rolf Sørensen was to see together with the earlier nydansere from this season back in ‘dancing with the stars’ in the finale on Friday night.

In contrast to the other nydansere danced however he did not between the two finalists, Molly Egelinds and Simon stenspil’s, appearances.

He is still troubled by the fibersprængning, hit him twice, while he was still with the program.

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He tells that it skaderamte left leg is in progress.

– I went to the therapist last Thursday, and there was still a bleeding. When I beat it the second time, jumped it in earnest, so it was also the reason why I didn’t just danced 30 seconds in the evening.

– I can cycle, but with very little load. It is actually such an injury, where you are ordered to ride a bike. So I’m happy.

– They say it should take six weeks last time. It is not that I was limping around and can’t walk, but stairs should I just fit on, say, Rolf Sørensen.

Rolf Sørensen says that it was a great pleasure for him to be back in the program.

Particularly appreciate his many new acquaintances, and the ‘professional’ production.


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– It is quite unique to have gained so many new friends, he states.

It is not only Rolf Sørensen, who has made new friends after he enrolled in the program. His wife is also beginning to see one of the other participants ‘ partner.

Rolf Sørensen says that he has turned down the move in his working life after the injury, but he has not slowed up.

– I’m doing lectures and a lot of cykelarrangementer already in december, where I will be cycling with 60-70 people on Lanzerote.

I’m really looking forward to, ” explains Sørensen.

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He spends a lot of time in his company Astral Biking, which make cykeltøj, and its production of olive oil in Italy.

– We have just been down to harvest. It is a small passion. It is a very small thing, which is more of a brandingting. It is pure passion, he explains.