Sint-Laureins het Godshuis in Sint-Laureins closes on 20 december the doors. All the festivals next year, in the agenda, were last week called off. The building was recently sold, but the new owners shoot but not out of the starting blocks. The current manager is waiting tired of and quit within two weeks final the doors.

The Church is the most famous complex with hotel and banquet facilities in the Meetjesland, however, the last years, a very bumpy course. Current owner Karen Babasyan close The House now, and do that just for the holidays. The building was recently sold, but the current operator and the future operator (for now) and not to an agreement. Whom the past few weeks an e-mail to The place of worship sent with a request for a party, got a polite e-mail back that there will be for the 2019 no parties more be adopted.

The past days have all the people who are for 2019, a feast had been, the message that the party can’t continue. Babasyan denies the news, but does not wish to respond. It was going to be ‘only’ a dozen festivals in the calendar of 2019 were. The last few months doing the story of the acquisitions and new owners well the round, and that makes it clear for distrust to organizers of festivals or in the future trouwkoppels. In The Church to work Dumanbet less than twenty people. Also for them the future is unclear.

17,5 million euro

The Church is an old hospital from the 1800s and was in the nineties nothing more than a collapsed ruin in the heart of Sint-Laureins. Rudy Leroy of Lofting Group bought the site and pumped to say that 17.5 million for a thorough renovation. The first few years was The place of worship really is the jewel in the crown of the Meetjesland. Debby Pfaff is still in The Church married and your newspaper has ever yet, in the presentation of The Crystal Bike organised.


But the economic crisis of 2008, The House of worship, deeply affected. Companies give no big parties with expensive champagne, and also weddings did it more and more with a smaller budget. In 2013, knew the court, still attentive to The place of worship. But the bankruptcy came there in 2016 anyway. Guy De Clercq and Michel Vermeyen have the case when acquired, but they are not preserved. The Russian buyers Babasyan came quickly into view, and tried in their turn to the story. In march 2017, when the brothers Azimi from ‘The sky is The limit’ briefly on the screen, because they are The Church wanted to take over. But that was by Babasyan always as a kwakkel labeled. Now is also his story in The place of worship at the end. When the new owners of The House now, and ready to shoot, is not clear.