It has been something of a concert event in Denmark for the scandal-hit rapper Lil Pump.

After his performance at Store Vega in copenhagen on Tuesday was the 18-year-old man with the bourgeois name Gazzy Garcia arrested by the Danish police, and now he says himself about the matter on his Instagram profile, where he has filmed himself in his private jets.

– We are banned from Denmark. I’m skideligeglad. I took from Denmark to New York, and now I am taking back to Norway, he says and refers to the concert, as he on Thursday evening to play in the neighboring country.

But although he does not seem to be welcome in Denmark anymore, keeps it’s apparently not the colorful star back.

– I’m not excited about that I am banned from Denmark. I really could not care less, bitch. I’m coming back yet, bitch, ” he says on the video.

Copenhagen Police confirm, after the rapper himself has said to Ekstra Bladet, that Lil Pump has been given an entry ban in two years.

however, They want not to tell you further about the reason for the expulsion – who knows, perhaps until Lil Pump even share it on the social media.

There is, however, according to Ekstra information, no one by the name Gazzy Garcia, that have been manufactured in grundlovsforhør, so it suggests a so-called administrative expulsion via Udlændingenævnet.

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Already on Tuesday confirmed vagtchefen in the Copenhagen Police arrest, since Extra Magazine presented a video in which the rapper sits in a car with uniformed cops.

– Now he has even put the video up on the web. And we can confirm that he is, briefly has been arrested in the course of today, said Henrik Svejstrup.

Subsequently stayed Lil Pump in the Airport, while his Danish lawyer, Jesper Storm Thygesen, tried to Perabet sort out the matter.

The 18-year-old man has previously had problems with the police. Most recently, he has fired a gun in Miami. Photo: AP

Lil Pumps u.s. attorney contacted the namely Jesper Storm Thygesen.

– We had an agreement with his us lawyer that we had to drive out to the airport to find out what was going on. When we came out to the airport, we got talking with a from the crew, not Lil Pump itself, says Jesper Storm Thygesen, who was not out there.

Wednesday told the lawyer:

– as far As I provisionally oriented, he is administratively expelled from the country. However, it is unknown whether it applies only to Denmark, or the EU. If it comes to the EU, then it has far-reaching consequences, in that he is on tour, he says.

however, They have not been more detailed inside.

– There has been a meeting between us, and we haven’t really done anything after the meeting, says Jesper Storm Thygesen, who is out of the case now.

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It is not known why the rapper was initially arrested, but according to TMZ it was all about that Lil Pump were taken with the hash, and when the police would take him in for a talk, he gave a ‘fuckfinger’ to the ushers who extended his stay behind bars, before he paid a fine for possession and went to the airport.

Ekstra Bladet has tried to get a comment from the Lil Pumps manager, but it has not been possible.