MejlaSusanna Kierkegaard+ FÖLJÅSIKTDe throws the stone against the elite climate policy Aftonbladet leader board independent social democratic.Photo: AFPLEDARE

the President’s tie is black. Emmanuel Macron speaks to the yellow vests, the French protesters who organized against the rise in petrol and dieselskatter. For soon a week ago, they pulled forward by Paris and smashed storefronts, and tore up the traffic lights out of the pavements and set fire to barricades. Macron refuses to give in to what he calls the unnecessary violence. The tax shall be increased at any price.

the Yellow vests are becoming increasingly more

“Les gilets jaunes” wearing yellow reflective jackets during their demonstrations. The movement started in the countryside and has now spread throughout the country. They are not linked to any political party, but the French intelligence services have identified between 80 and 120 right-wing extremists as the authors of the violent protests. Other experts claim that also vänsterextremister are represented in the group.

The yellow vests have in any case committed for up to 280 000 demonstrators, united in their opposition against the establishment. The storefront, which took a beating last weekend heard, above all, to the large luxurious boutiques. Taxes on petrol and diesel has provoked real anger among the people, and preyed on the confidence of the president.

Starry-but the brave

Emmanuel Macron went to the election on policies for the people, justice, and progressive ideas. Now he is called “the rich president”. The same kind of movement that got him elected has now turned against him. Macron have been filmed when he says that välfärdsprogrammen costs “sick amounts of dough”, called slakteriarbetare for the illiterate and those who protested against his labour market reforms for “simple minds”. In retrospect, the president has regretted his choice of words and recognized that he needs to be out Matadorbet more among the citizens.

at the same time it is admirable to Macron cling to their climate ambitions. Many of the changes that will be needed for that we shall succeed in staving off a real climate catastrophe will be unpopular. Politicians need to be brave if we are to get anywhere.

the Climate policies of the richest

It does not mean that a president should snatch away one of the people is necessary, but klimatfarlig, function in the society (type låginkomsttagares access to petrol and diesel) without replacing it with something. Forced reduced car use ought reasonably to be compensated by better public transport. Just to prevent it klimatfarliga, without the benefit of climate-friendly alternative, is untenable.

And it’s not just the Macros that are being squeezed by the climate crisis. About a week meet the leaders of the 190 countries at the climate summit COP24 in Poland. It looks pretty gloomy out. Not many countries are good to be able to achieve the targets they agreed on in Paris three years ago.

Many researchers also see the current policies as inadequate. According to the paris agreement to the countries of the world limiting global warming to no more than 2 degrees, preferably 1,5. The UN report on climate change last autumn showed that there is a big difference between just 1.5 and 2 degrees, and to the half-degree would mean hundreds of millions more people suffer from poverty and heat waves. In order to meet the needs of today’s efforts will be doubled.

the Problems is possible to solve the

Little hope there is. In the midst of all this, released the EUROPEAN commission yesterday a plan to reach a goal of 1.5 degrees of heating. According to the strategy, should the world become carbon neutral before 2050. The objectives are ambitious and more long-term than previous projections (as stretched out to 2030), and the measures proposed are concrete. It can actually go.

More of the world’s leaders must have the courage to make themselves as unpopular as the Macron. Also the EUROPEAN commission’s action involves large strains. At the same time, it is time to recognize that climate action that only affects the working class are not sustainable. A good number of storefront to learn to emphasize with, if not the rich and the poor will soon begin to share the burden of the climate crisis.