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Toppdemokraten Adam Schiff believe that president Donald Trump may come to be put behind lock and key.


– There is a real possibility that he becomes the first president in a very long time really to face the prospect of actually serving their prison sentences.

President Donald Trump and toppdemokraten Adam Schiff, a member of the house of representatives for California, do not always agree with each other. Just a few weeks ago criticized Adam Schiff the president’s choice of successor to outgoing attorney general Jeff Sessions.

– I believe that the appointment is a violation of the constitution, ” said Schiff.

And incurred the president’s wrath:

”So funny to see that little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talk about the fact that the deputy attorney general Matt Whitaker is not approved by the senate, without mentioning that Bob Mueller (who is vädligt controversial) is not approved by the senate!”, wrote Trump on Twitter.

1 of 2 | Photo: J. Scott Applewhite / TT NEWS agency/ NTB ScanpixAdam Schiff

Adam Schiff was not impressed by the nickname the president gave him, roughly, ”Little Adam Crap”.

”Wow mr. president, it was good,” he wrote on Twitter.

Schiff which is likely to be the next chairman of the house committees on intelligence will not become more popular with the president Retrobet after he today said in the CBS News Trump – really – can end up in jail.

When his time in the White house come to an end.

– As I look at the whole so there is a very påtaligt the possibility that Donald Trump, the day he leaves office, will be prosecuted by the justice department, said Adam Schiff in CBS News Face the nation.

– He can become the first president in a very long time facing the prospect of serving a prison sentence.

the Reason there would be the accusations of attempts to influence the presidential election in 2016, along with Russia. The Adam Schiff believes is most likely to be Donald Trump in the drum is his business interests in the east.

Adam Schiff believes that the recent revelations from the investigation on Trump’s dealings with Russia contradicts his repeated claims that he had not had any economic interests in Russia.

– the Fact that there are private conversations in order to get the Kremlin’s help in projects that would potentially give him ten – or hundreds of millions of dollars, a project that might need Putin’s approval at the same time, they argued that the sanctions against Russia should be lifted. It is quite remarkable, ” says Adam Schiff in the program.

He refers to new information that became known in the week in connection with the documents in the lawsuit against Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen became available to the public.

Where emerged, for example, that relations with Russia should have started earlier than what has been known, already in november 2015. An unidentified Russian citizen, must have suggested to Cohen that Trump would meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“This person said to Cohen that such a meeting would be able to have a ‘phenomenal’ effect, ‘not only the political but in the affärshänseende also'”, said mueller’s documents, enter TT.