“I have always done everything to put my partners at ease” in intimate scenes, actor Vincent Cassel, starring in David Cronenberg’s film, Les Shrouds, told AFP in competition Monday in Cannes. Asked about the film industry’s awareness of the issue of sexual violence, and the consequences of

“I know it’s not easy for anyone, it pisses me off to kiss someone on set,” continued the 57-year-old actor, whose third collaboration with Cronenberg since The Promises of the shadow (2007). “So usually I do two caipirinhas in the dressing room, let’s have fun with that, and it won’t last. The sooner you have fun, the shorter it is.” “As long as there is no ambiguity anywhere, there is no problem,” he added. “I understand that there must have been people who were able to take advantage of the situation at certain times, or do libidinous things, and it’s good that it evolved in that direction. But I have never had a problem on set with that, and yet I have done sex scenes,” he concluded.

Also questioned on the subject, her on-screen partner in The Shrouds, actress Diane Kruger, 47, who has filmed in Germany, France and Hollywood (Troy, Inglourious Basterds), confided that she had also saw things evolve, first in the United States: “it’s very regulated. There is now an advisor, you know exactly the plans made in advance. It becomes less spontaneous, we know what to expect.”

As for the movement