do you also See the starship Enterprise from the science fiction series Star Trek in this picture? So you are not alone, writes according to the

But in fact, there is talk about a new image of the galakseklyngen Abell 1033 1.6 billion light-years away.

the Image reveals the wide-ranging radioemissioner – and then the phenomenon of ‘pareidolia’, where the brain creates the well-known motifs in out of random patterns.

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the Image is a composite of observations made with both white light, X-ray and radio waves. The last two give respectively the purple and blue colors and reveals a bit of what is going on in the cosmic process:

Abell 1033 is composed of two galakseklynger, that is to reconcile in one’s energy signature, which is difficult to imagine.

hd porno at the same time with the collision going on a second cosmic process. Rays of hĂžjhastighedspartikler swirls into a supermassive black hole, which is located in a galaxy, in one of the clusters.

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– These rays are detected by radioemissioner in the left and right side of the picture. Emissions are produced by electrons which swirl around the magnetic feltlinjer in a process called ‘synchroton emission’, write members of the Chandra mission in the published description of the image according to the

Radioemissionerne in Abell 1033, ranging probably over 500,000 light-years.

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