10 Key Steps to Securing UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowship in 2024

As the competition among students is increasing day by day, it has become difficult to achieve scholarships, awards, and fellowships in 2024. For doctoral students, there is a perfect solution in the form of a UNC dissertation completion fellowship that provides support during the end stages of dissertation writing. However, the problem arises when you have to compete with others and fulfil all their criteria to get approval for this fellowship.


The UNC general dissertation completion fellowship offers a stipend of $22,000, and the Royster SOF dissertation completion fellowship provides $28,000 for one academic year. There will be no service appointments, and the fellowship also offers tuition, fees, and health insurance to the students.

So, to avail yourself of all these benefits, you need to follow their guidelines and apply before the deadline. Here, we will assist you through a step-by-step guide on how to secure your UNC dissertation fellowship in 2024. Also, you can get assistance from the best dissertation writing services, which guarantee your success in these crucial tasks.

What is the UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowship?

The University of North Carolina offers a UNC dissertation completion fellowship to doctoral students to financially assist them in their final year. The aim of this fellowship is to support students in excellently working on their dissertations, especially during the research and writing phases. It is a completely non-service fellowship where you just need to focus on your own work.

There are 3 main types of fellowships that they award students:

  1. General Dissertation Completion Fellowships
  2. Royster (SOF) Dissertation Completion Fellowships
  3. Royster SOF Special Purpose Dissertation Completion Fellowships

How to Secure UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowship in 2024? A 10 Steps Guide

Are you a doctoral student of The Graduate School and now looking for financial help from the institute to complete your degree? Well, that’s a good thought to get a dissertation completion fellowship from UNC. However, students mostly are unaware of how to apply for it and become successful in securing these fellowships.

So, to help you in this regard, we have come up with all the essential details that you must know at this point. Follow the steps given below to achieve a UNC dissertation completion fellowship:

Step 1: Understand the Fellowship Requirements

Take time to study the fellowship’s qualifying requirements, application deadlines, and necessary materials before beginning the application process. If you become aware of these requirements, it be easier for you to process in the right direction otherwise you may get lost in a lot of dissertation tasks. You should also keenly observe the platforms providing guidance about this application like the official site of UNC. For further support, you can also contact their fellowship program officers.

Step 2: Eligibility & Schedule

Wondering about the eligibility criteria for the UNC dissertation completion fellowship? Well, they have explained it in a very clear and easy-to-understand way for students so you may not get any trouble. You just need to follow these essentials and act upon your schedule:

  • Only doctoral students can qualify for it.
  • You must be enrolled in their residential program as well.
  • Develop a practical and realistic time schedule to do your work.
  • You can easily complete your dissertation within the given time period and follow its specific terms by having a plan.
  • Dissertation writing should be your full-time job and not doing anything else.

Step 3: Create a Concise and Compelling Research Proposal

Wondering how to show your work to the committee to get this fellowship? You just need to write a compelling research proposal to portray your study goals. It must be meaningful to attract the viewers. So, work on your study aim and the methods to achieve your goals, which are essential to getting the fellowship. Furthermore, you should give them the reasons for choosing you for this UNC dissertation completion fellowship.

Still need help to write a grant proposal? The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill itself has provided a guide, such as:


Step 4: Ask for Help from Others

When you start your journey of the dissertation, you must understand that it’s not the work of a person alone. And for the ice on the top, if you also want a grant or funding for your dissertation, it becomes more difficult to do this task. That’s why getting support from advisors, instructors or experts is advisable at this point.

How will it benefit you? They will guide you through each step-in detail and give you their suggestions to improve your work. You should listen to them and make changes accordingly to ensure a victory in the UNC dissertation completion fellowship.

Moreover, you can also ask for dissertation help UK from professional writers at any time and they will guide you with the best strategies suitable for your dissertation. They also make sure that you fulfil the criteria of UNC and get this fellowship as a result.

Step 5: Get Strong Letters of Recommendation

Here comes the role of your dissertation advisor. You need to get recommendation letters from your instructors or field experts to submit along with the application. You cannot directly send these letters to the UNC rather you should add the recommendation emails to the application. After that, you have to upload a letter online that shows students’ abilities, research quality, and knowledge of this field.

Furthermore, you can submit only one letter to win this UNC dissertation completion fellowship. Your recommendation letter should be concise and precise with a total word count of 600 words and 4,000 characters along with the spaces.

Step 6: Write a Strong Personal Statement

Your personal statement matters a lot as it represents everything, starting from your educational background to this dissertation path. You should portray a little bit of your research work in it so they get to know about it.

Start with a hook to engage them, and then talk about the research issues that you want to solve and the approach to a solution. You should show that you are very enthusiastic about this dissertation and look forward to winning this UNC dissertation completion fellowship to ensure your success.

Step 7: Match the Priorities of UNC with Your Research

Just like every institute, UNC also has set some criteria for research and dissertation writing that student applying for it must consider. If you have an aim to apply for this fellowship, you should start working on it as early as possible. You should choose a relevant topic in your field that also matches with the department’s objectives, institutional priorities, and the UNC. Keep in mind that you must follow your university values and design your work accordingly.

Step 8: Attend Workshops and Information Sessions

Not everyone knows how to do this crucial task and win a UNC dissertation completion fellowship. To understand them, you need to explore them in detail through their official sites and attend relevant workshops and sessions. They aim to guide all the students about what to do and how to do it effectively. So, don’t forget to attend these sessions to make this overall process easier for you.

Step 9: Refine Your Materials for Application

Before submitting your work and application for this fellowship, stop there and go through the material again. Here, you need to examine and edit all of your application documents, including your resume, personal statement, research proposal, and recommendation letters, in great detail.

Make sure your writing is error-free, succinct, and clear. To further improve your documents, think about getting input from mentors or peers to win a UNC dissertation completion fellowship.

Step 10: Submit a Strong and Complete Application on Time

For peace of mind, submit your application far in advance of the deadline to prevent last-minute issues. Verify again that you have submitted all necessary materials and that you have carefully followed the application procedures. Putting in a well-researched and complete application will increase your chances of being awarded the fellowship.

How to Win UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowship?

If you want to win this fellowship program, you should follow these essentials:

  • Develop a strong application by meeting all the requirements and guidelines.
  • Work on the research process to make an impact.
  • Make a proper timetable to finish this task within the timeline.
  • Get recommendation letters, which are essential for this fellowship.

How Much is the UNC PhD Stipend?

UNC PhD stipend amounts vary from program to program but they have provided a general idea of the minimum stipend of $20,000. They will give it to the doctoral students for the whole year which consists of 9 months. However, the PhD stipend for the Society of Fellows is $28,000 higher than the general one.


Doctoral students face many troubles during the completion of their degree, and financial problems is the most common among these. To get financial stability and support from the institute, you can avail of a UNC dissertation completion fellowship in 2024. Most students don’t understand how to apply for and win this fellowship. To make this process easier and stress-free, we have summarised everything in the above-mentioned steps. Follow this guide to secure this fellowship for the smooth completion of your PhD research and writing phases.

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