Music In the new Ultratop-figures from this week’s moves ‘Dummy Boy’, the second album by rapper 6ix9ine (also known as Tekashi69), in its second week from place 78 to place 12. A monstersprong, and that for an album whose release is actually postponed. When the picture online was leaked, was decided by the record company to the music but to give. The rapper (22) itself, though, cannot really enjoy his success; he is currently in the cell, and there will probably be a very long time to sit.

There’s no such thing as bad publicity , and know that 6ix9ine better than anyone. The rapper is not exactly a model, but managed to have a career to build on its poor image. Despite the dubious reputation, but it’s all thanks to: the man was already famous for he was only a foot in the music world, put.

The life of 6ix9ine – real name: Daniel Hernandez – is an unfortunate story. He was born in 1996 and grew up in a difficult family. His father was a Puerto Rican, his mother a Mexican. On his 13th is his father murdered, and from then it goes downhill with the little Daniel. Not much later, he pulls Betgram the schooldeuren final behind him close and he goes looking for a job to his mother financial support to be able to offer. Like many young people in his surroundings, he comes quickly in the crime – he goes to work in the drug trade, and comes regularly in contact with the police.

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What sets him apart from a normal drugkoerier, is that Hernandez his criminal career and knows how to capitalize on social media. Drugdeals, shootings or armed robbery, are all things that he in the course of the years live on Instagram streamde for his 15 million followers. He developed in that period also an alter ego – Tekashi69 – and transformed their appearance: colorful dreads to be his trademark, as well as his obsession with the number 69. The figure was in the meantime already more than 200 times on his body inked in all shapes and sizes. It is also on his forehead.

According to 6ix9ine he wants people to make it clear that they are not to judge, because they are the things never from his perspective. “If you have the 6 upside down turns is a 9. The number 69 will remain the same from a different perspective. Open your heart and your mind,” was the ever diepzinning on Instagram.

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