Roeselare Roeselarenaar William Beernaert (30) is Friday in the first Blind Audition of The Voice of Flanders. The Ypres street educator, recognizable by his long dreadlocks, hopes that through the vtm program back on track with his passion for music.

William Beernaert, who until July 2015, still owner of the café, The Necessary Virtue in Moorslede, has something to do with music. And especially with music from the ’60s and ’70s. Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix are but a few of his idols. “On my seventeenth, I bought my first guitar,” he says. “In the past six to seven years, I am much more engaged with music.”

New band

The past few years, he was also here and there on the stage as the front man of Ben Cane. “That band is now split, and since then I am searching”, William continues. “Since I do have children, was the rock ’n’ roll, anyway, what to look far. But the enthusiasm remained large and The Voice of Flanders seemed like a unique opportunity. Not only for myself as a singer in the spotlight, but also to meet like-minded with whom I have a new musical project can start. I can already tell that The Voice is a good influence. At home I have a studio and am re-recording a hit.”


family and Friends had not expected that William would take part in The Voice. “I will never be the new Stan van Samang be or something,” he laughs. “But it can, according to me, no harm to yourself what in the spotlight. When I everyone told that I was selected for the program, watched many strange. They were not really my thing, but ultimately everyone stands behind my participation. During the recording of his thirty supporters came with us.”

, And William was their support to good use. “I was extremely nervous before the shoot”, admits William. “I brought a number of Tom Waits, one of my examples. However, in a private operation, because I do not want just anyone indiscriminately copy. But you stand there all alone on that stage. I’m used to a band around me had somewhat the feeling that I get in my nude stood. In addition, all those camera’s pretty impressive. And yet you have to perform, because you only have one chance, and the jury must be turning or it is end of story.”

Or the voice of William in the taste falls on the coaches Koen Wauters, Natalia, Bart Peeters and Alex Callier, and whether he may soon be following in the footsteps of Laura Tesoro, Robby Longo or Luka, see you Friday night at 20.40 pm on vtm.