A little over a week after the closure of the agricultural show, agricultural unions are invited to Matignon. A joint working meeting must be held this Monday evening in the presence of Gabriel Attal in order to take stock of the government’s various commitments towards the profession. The Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneau will also participate in this meeting scheduled for 8:30 p.m. aimed at providing “progress updates on the announced measures and future work,” his office indicated in a message to journalists.

The unions are invited “together” for this meeting without a particular agenda, said the spokesperson for the Peasant Confederation Laurence Marandola. The boss of the FNSEA, Arnaud Rousseau, plans to go there, indicated a spokesperson for the first agricultural union in France. The director of Modef (fifth French agricultural union), Sophie Bezeau, confirmed that her organization was also invited to a meeting in the evening. After a vigorous mobilization of farmers in January, the government committed itself to several projects, from the payment of several hundred million in emergency aid to the promise of a “simplification shock”.

A bill on agriculture must also be presented soon. According to the parliamentary calendar for the coming months unveiled Monday by the executive, deputies should take up this text from May 13. It “was reworked following the agricultural crisis, the mobilization of the sectors and the commitment” of the executive “so that it is a complete, consolidated text which meets the expectations of farmers”, declared the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Marie Lebec. “Given the issues, we want to leave all the time necessary for the debates to take place,” she added to the press.

On the first day of the Agricultural Show at the end of February, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, for his part, mentioned floor prices and cash flow aid. It was agreed during the Show that he would receive the agricultural unions again in mid-March.