The date is noted in red in the diaries of fans of technological novelties. Apple’s annual high mass, which rhymes with the disclosure of new features, will be broadcast at 10 a.m. local time (7 p.m. in France) on various online platforms, from Apple Park in Cupertino, California. It should allow you to discover the new iPhone 15 in detail.

Having become a famous tradition in the technology industry, this “Keynote” is already arousing keen interest due to its programming. In the cryptic invitation sent to guests, Apple only reveals the word “Wonderlust”, translated “Revelation”. An enigma which leaves little doubt about the presentation of the new smartphone models, the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus, as well as the two Pro models, for four models in all.

Speculation is rife as to what additional surprises could be revealed for the brand’s flagship product. If the overall design should remain faithful to that of the iPhone 14, attention is drawn to a major innovation: the highly anticipated introduction of a USB-C port to replace the Lightning port, an advance which must meet standards emerging countries of the European Union.

At the end of 2022, the European Parliament had in fact imposed the USB-C port as the standard for electronic devices sold on the old continent. Despite a deadline set at the end of 2024, Apple wanted to anticipate the directive and quickly modify its products. As the standard also applies to accessories, it would also not be surprising to see the brand’s Airpods switch to USB-C.

Among the other expected new features, the device could benefit from several improvements to its camera. This x6 zoom, without any loss of image quality, would be available only on the max version of the IPhone 15. The finishes of the smartphone should also evolve, titanium details would be available on the premium versions of the device.

Another notable change could concern the iPhone’s “Silent” button, which would be replaced by an “Action” button with haptic feedback, similar to the one present on the Apple Watch. For its part, this should see the release of its new model with the Apple Watch Series 9, as well as the Ultra 2 model.

The pre-recorded event will be broadcast at 10 a.m. local time (7 p.m. in France) on various online platforms, allowing enthusiasts from around the world to attend.