Asha mandela’s hair is several feet long.

wellingborough in resident Asha Mandelalla is currently the world’s longest dreadlocks. Hair length is about 34 meters.

mandela’s hair is also mentioned in the Guinness book of records. Mandela was mentioned in the book the first time 10 years ago.

Ten years hair have grown even more.

the length of the Hair is not limited to Asha’s life. From one place to another transition he collected the hair rolled up. Aopas in Mandela’s gotten his hair because of the news. AOP

Asha keep hair good care, even Milanobet though they are laborious. On its website, he shared his tips with the long hair, dream.

– I Like my hair good care. I didn’t even realize my hair’s actual length before the year 2009. At that time, many stopped me to admire my hair and ask a hair treatment.

Asha intends to continue hair growth. AOP

Asha told reporters that hair are real. The record books for the two hair professionals went through his hair. The experience was Ashalle new.

I don’t like people’s hands in my hair. I hadn’t even been in the salon before this, he once.