A woman named Fiona Harvey is suing Netflix for over 156 million euros, claiming that the popular series Baby Reindeer has spread lies about her. The series tells the story of comedian Richard Gadd being stalked by Martha Scott, a middle-aged woman. Harvey denies the claims made in the show, such as being convicted of stalking twice.

In response to the lawsuit, Netflix has stated that they will vigorously defend their position and support Richard Gadd’s right to tell his story. The show became a huge hit on Netflix, leading viewers to search for the “real” Martha and causing criticism towards the streaming service for not adequately protecting her identity.

Harvey has spoken out about the negative impact the series has had on her life, including receiving death threats. She denies the exaggerated claims made in the show, such as sending thousands of emails and texts to Gadd. Despite the success of Baby Reindeer, the controversy surrounding the true story behind the series has sparked a legal battle between Harvey and Netflix.