Lucas, 27, is facing a dilemma with his demanding in-laws who have high expectations of him. Despite having a great relationship with his girlfriend, he is struggling to cope with the constant demands and time spent with her family. While his girlfriend values her close relationship with her family, Lucas is feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the frequent family gatherings and obligations imposed by his in-laws.

Lucas finds himself spending more time with his girlfriend’s family than his own, as they expect him to attend numerous family events, help with various tasks, and be present for all occasions. This constant pressure and expectations from his in-laws are starting to take a toll on Lucas, causing him to question the extent of his involvement with his girlfriend’s family.

As a first-time serious relationship, Lucas is unsure of how to navigate this situation and maintain a healthy balance with his in-laws. While he has considered making excuses to avoid certain family gatherings, he is aware that this could lead to disappointment from both his in-laws and his girlfriend. Lucas is seeking advice on how to handle his relationship with his demanding in-laws without compromising his own boundaries and well-being.

In response to Danique’s dilemma from the previous week, Metro readers provided various suggestions on how to address her concerns about her best friend’s child. Some readers advised Danique to show more understanding and empathy towards the child, considering the possibility of underlying issues such as ADHD. Others recommended setting boundaries and expressing the need for one-on-one time with her friend, away from the child. Overall, the advice focused on communication, empathy, and finding ways to address the situation without causing conflict.

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