This is bad news for consumers. The giant Spotify has just announced that it will soon increase the price of its subscriptions in France. Worse: its French subscribers will now pay the highest package within the European Union, warned the music platform. “We did everything to avoid reaching this point, unfortunately the French government decided otherwise,” denounces Spotify in a press release.

At issue: the streaming tax, recently adopted by Parliament as part of the 2024 Budget and which should bring in around 15 million euros. The latter must be used to finance the National Music Center, the public body which commissions studies on the French music industry, and provides financial subsidies to record companies and the live entertainment industry.

“We have always been very clear on this matter, we simply cannot absorb additional taxes. Even after making the difficult decision to reduce our marketing budget for artists and our support for French music festivals,” Spotify explained. The platform calculated that “with the creation of this new tax, Spotify should pay around two thirds of each euro to rights holders and the French government. Of course, this is a significant amount which does not ensure the sustainability of the company.

For the moment, Spotify has not revealed the amount of the increase. Currently, the cheapest subscription costs 10.99 euros.