Will refueling cost you more this weekend? Everything will depend on the fuel used by your vehicle. Gasoline prices thus rose again this week to reach their highest level of the year, while diesel prices continued their fall, almost continuous since February, according to calculations made by Fig Data from public data from the Ministry of Energy Transition.

In detail, the SP-98 has risen by 0.09 cents on average and is stabilizing above two euros (2.0098 euros) on Thursday, at the level of early February. That of the SP-95 was almost stable at 1.9655 euros, as was that of the SP-95-E10 at 1.9385 euros. Conversely, a liter of diesel cost 1.8135 euros, or 1.8 cents less than last week. Good news for some motorists in France.

If we consider the prices since the beginning of this year, the increase remains 6.9% for the SP-95-E10, 6.4% for the SP-95 and 5.8% for the SP- 98. On the other hand, diesel has lost 5% of its value in 2023, going from the status of the most expensive fuel to that of the most advantageous in France.

As a reminder, since March 1 and until the end of the year, the prices of diesel and SP-95 are capped at 1.99 euros in TotalEnergies service stations. A gesture made under pressure from the government.

While the barrel of Brent from the North Sea soared at the beginning of April following the announcement by members of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Producing Countries) of drastic production cuts to raise prices, sluggish demand in the United States and a possible rise in key rates once again pushed prices down. Oil was at $81.10 on Thursday, down 2.4%.