As a theatre star, he came to the Film, his first role brought him an Oscar nomination: John Malkovich, conquered Hollywood in record time. Today, the man with the distinctive voice 65.

He worked in various areas of storytelling – John Malkovich describes his profession. He speaks slowly, thinking, not stressed, very aware – even if he’s standing on a theatre stage or in front of a movie camera. He likes to hear his own voice even, as he admitted during a visit to the Show from Conan O’brien:

“When I hear my own voice and I try to avoid, where to do it – then that sounds like someone who has for years been under the influence of heavy narcotics.”

In Hollywood, he is only to Turn

His voice is distinctive, as well as his views, which may seem bleak or lovingly, depending on the demands of the role. Malkovich is one of the biggest character actors in Hollywood – a place from which he is working, apart from turning completely.

in 1976, came Malkovich at the famous Steppenwolf Theater Company, founded in Chicago. He was the star of the stage. In 1984, he was standing next to Dustin Hoffman in New York in “death of a salesman” on stage, winning audiences and critics.

Charming, ruthless, bleak – Malkovich, one of the greatest character actors in Hollywood

From the seducer to the “Self”-cast

A year later, gave Malkovich his big screen debut in the Drama “A place in the heart” and was nominated for an Oscar. It 70 other films, including “Dangerous liaisons,” alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Glenn Close followed. Here, Malkovich is as a charming, but unscrupulous seducer.

For his role in the movie “In the Line Ultrabet of Fire” Clint Eastwood, he received another Oscar nomination. In “Burn After Reading”, the Coen brothers, he gave an ill-fated CIA employees. One of his most popular movies, also bore his name: “Being John Malkovich”. The absurd idea of the film: a small door behind a filing Cabinet that leads directly into the head of the actor.

“It’s just a matter of whether I do my Job well”

When he was asked in an Interview at the radio station NPR, if it disturb him to be as superficial, arrogant and self-centered shown, said Malkovich: “All of this applies to me for sure also on other actors and, in General, a lot of other people. I am, of course, I, with my own interests, my friends, my life. But as an actor, I’m kind of a blank body. It’s not about what I like or don’t like, but just a question, if I do my Job well.”

Long Malkovich lived in France, he always plays theatre in Europe, including the Ruhr festival in Recklinghausen. He also runs directing and designing men’s fashion – just because it makes him happy.

Charmer, Psychopath, fashion designer John Malkovich is 65
Nicole Markwald, ARD Los Angeles
09.12.2018 09:59 PM

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