Are you dealing with a pressing issue and want to hear someone else’s opinion? Every week, Metro shares a reader’s dilemma. This week, we have Marieke, a 30-year-old who keeps falling for ‘wrong’ men.

Marieke describes her love life as quite turbulent. Her friends sometimes enjoy it because it’s never boring. She has experienced many intense and exciting things, but she realizes that not everyone leads such a tumultuous love life.

Marieke is one of those people who are attracted to the wrong types of men. The ‘bad boy’, the ‘rascal’, the man with a bad reputation, or the unreliable man. Both of her exes were not exactly saints. Her first boyfriend had a very intense personality, and their relationship was full of arguments, shouting, drama, and even physical altercations, but it would then turn into passionate sex, excitement, and fireworks. It took her a long time to truly move on from this relationship because it was unhealthy.

Her second partner was possibly even worse. Their relationship started as some sort of affair and was also intense. This guy manipulated and cheated. The whole situation caused Marieke a lot of pain and heartache.

In between her relationships, there were always flings. Men with whom she had brief relationships. Again, her life was never boring. She always met people with the wildest lives: artists, wealthy individuals, party animals, ‘free spirits’, and more colorful characters. She had ‘secret’ loves, led a wild and extremely exciting sex life, and had a brief ‘situation’ with a professional footballer. And there are many more stories that she experienced.

Marieke’s friends sometimes enjoy her stories, but at the same time, she feels judged by others when her life becomes extreme and occasionally turns into a complete mess. She is tired of always falling for the wrong types of men and now wants a reliable, kind, and good man.

The dilemma here is that she doesn’t feel anything for the ‘nice guys’. She has tried dating different types of men, but she quickly gets bored, feels no excitement, and is put off by insignificant things.

Marieke is thirty and fed up with all the drama and chaos. The ‘rascals’ she has encountered are all toxic, and they have caused her a lot of pain, sadness, and unrest. She truly wants a healthy relationship with a man, but her attraction to the ‘good guys’ is lacking. Sometimes she fears that she will never have a loving relationship. How can she get out of this situation?

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Additional Information:
It’s important for individuals like Marieke to reflect on their past relationships and identify patterns in their attraction to certain types of partners. Seeking therapy or counseling can also be beneficial in understanding underlying issues that may contribute to these patterns. Building self-awareness and self-worth can help individuals like Marieke break the cycle of falling for the wrong types and attract healthier relationships in the future. Remember, it’s never too late to make positive changes in your love life.