God preserve Denmark.

With the three words the majority of danes are ready to take the hole on the last night, when queen Margrethe has delivered this year’s new year’s speech.

But in the years to come hilsnerne to Greenland and the Faroe islands to be shipped from a different place than usual – namely, Fredensborg Slot. It informs the royal family in a press release.

It is due to the queen enters the royal Palace Amalienborg out with Fredensborg Slot as a result of the renovation of a major underground afløbsinstallation at Amalienborg castle in copenhagen. Thus must she give up to keep the speech in the Queen’s reception rooms in Christian IX’s Mansion, as she usually.

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however, It is not the first time that nytÃ¥rstalen kept on just Fredensborg Slot. It is, according to the royal family also Milanobet happened in 1979, 1980, 2014 and no later than 2015, where king Christian IX’s Mansion was under renovation.

It was in fact here, she gave one of the speeches, which probably goes down in history. Here revealing something of a marked queen, that prince Henry would retire.

Margrethe’s new year speech anno 2015. Photo: Jens Henrik Daugaard

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the King and dronningetro danes, who want to experience the atmosphere at the castle, so instead of Amalienborg take to Fredensborg, where the royal guard plays ‘King Christian stood by the lofty mast’ after the speech, and the Outer palace courtyard will be open to the public.

Fredensborg Slot. Photo: Mogens Flindt

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