Shortly before the decisive Brexit vote in the London Parliament is a defeat for Prime Minister Theresa May more and more likely.

On Sunday, May warned your party members strongly not to vote against the Brussels agreement negotiated to exit the EU. In the case of a defeat, a withdrawal Mays and new elections are possible.

“If you want the Brexit , brings him to you, and that’s what this Deal,” said May of the “Mail on Sunday”. The leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn’m just waiting for it to force new elections. A ‘ no ‘ to the Deal would bring major uncertainties. There is also the danger that Britain not leave the EU, then it would.

Reports of a postponement of the vote in the lower house contradicted Downing Street. “The vote will take place on Tuesday,” said a government spokeswoman for the German news Agency DPA. Previously, the “Sunday Times had alleged” that May want to take more time for the talks in Brussels, in order to prevent the overthrow of their government. “This is speculation”, said the spokesperson.

outlet for new elections or Plan B

The Sunday Times that May wants to negotiate with a “handbag Moment” new conditions. This alludes to an appearance of the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at an EU summit in 1984, when she negotiated more rebate for your country. The “Iron Lady” was several times pointedly her purse on the table.

now, What happens if the Brexit-agreement in the Parliament? Various possibilities are conceivable: they range from a second round of election in Parliament of a disorderly exit the EU, or for new elections Sekabet to a second Referendum. Brexit-Minister Steve Barclay wrote in the “Telegraph” that the government is “all scenarios” prepare – the-Brexit Deal is the best Option.

The British labour Minister Amber Rudd said on Saturday in public for the Norway-Plus model as a “Plan B” that could get cross-party majority. In this model, the UK would remain in the European internal market and the customs Union. Norway is a member of the European economic area (EEA), but not in the EU. The UK could tap into a customs Union with Brussels – so, Norway plus.

Timmermans warns of Brexit

critics, however, this solution is as soft Brexit decried. They fear that almost everything remains the same, also the free movement of persons. As an Alternative, Rudd also holds a second Referendum is conceivable. You, yourself, would vote in such a case for remaining in the European Union. Your personal view has not changed in the meantime, stressed Rudd in the “the Times”. The UK wants to leave at the end of March 2019, the community of States.

More than 100 Tories have already signalled that you are with the Brexit agreement. The Northern Irish DUP, whose votes may’s minority government depends, and the Opposition announced resistance. Head of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn senses in the elections as his Chance. Several Ministers and other senior government officials have already resigned in Protest. For more resignations in the next few days are not excluded.

The social-democratic Europe-the top candidate Frans Timmermans invited the British expressly to stop the Brexit. The world and the EU have been changed since the Brexit vote in 2016, said the Vice-President of the European Commission in Lisbon. He pointed to risks posed by the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump, who have an interest in a divided Europe. The desire from the Brexit Referendum, to regain control, leave the best together. (chk/sda)

Created: 09.12.2018, 03:34 PM