Led by the extreme-right activist Tommy Robinson have demonstrated to thousands of people on Sunday in London for the Brexit . A counter-demonstration of supporters of the opposition Labour party about 15’000 people took part, according to organizers of information significantly more–.

Robinson, the founder of the anti-Islam Organisation the English Defence League protested in common with supporters of the anti-EU Ukip party. Robinson is a consultant of Gerard Batten, in April Ukip Chairman. The former Ukip leader Nigel Farage recently announced that his party book to return. Ukip open more and more extremist forces, justified the step.

Scotland Yard has imposed strong restrictions in order to prevent collisions between the two Protest marches in the British capital. The police gave no estimates on the number of participants.

Brexit vote on Tuesday

The Parliament in London will vote on Tuesday evening with the European Union negotiated Brexit agreement. The chances of the Prime Minister Theresa May , Bahis Siteleri your plans in the house of Commons to enforce, are extremely bad.

The British government has rejected a media report on planned shift in the vote in Parliament on the Brexit Deal with the EU. “The vote is on Tuesday,” said Brexit-Minister Stephen Barclay on Sunday, the BBC and confirmed the schedule.

Also, in the case of a defeat, the Prime Minister Theresa May will be able to stay in office, stressed Barclay. The “Sunday Times” had previously reported, in the face of an impending defeat in the May likely to put the Parliament’s vote, move, and, once again, will travel to Brussels for better conditions for their country.

The newspaper, citing Minister and adviser to, the assumption that Jun wanted to announce the move this Sunday.


Created: 09.12.2018, 23:51 PM