Showbizz They will tonight probably with their eldest daughter, the year old princess Amalia (15), festive dinner, but this afternoon had lunch king Willem-Alexander and queen Máxima with a group of ‘overachievers’. And there was also a well-known Flemish person to: actor Bruno Vanden Broecke.

The Dutch king and queen will lunch every year with a group of people who have distinguished themselves by a special achievement, in areas such as science, art and culture, sport and business. Among the 28 invitees were this afternoon, for example, footballer Wesley Sneijder (this year stopped as international Orange) and kickbokser Rico Verhoeven, who, this year in Amsterdam, his world title win.

And so also Bruno Vanden Broecke, all of us known as Sammy Tanghe from ‘The Island’. He was probably an invitation because in september he was awarded the Louis d’or, the prize for the best toneelhoofdrol by an actor. He won that for his monologue in ‘Para’, in which he is an ex-command plays in the form of a lecture, tells about his participation in the Belgian peacekeeping mission in Somalia, 25 years ago. Meticulously the man describes his love for weapons, the impossibility of the task, the lack of anything in Somalia, the growing insanity among the soldiers, the dead who fall under the citizens, the criticism from the home country. “In everything, Bruno Vanden Broecke in ‘Para’ an actor who does not seem to Betpas be acting: he wórdt his character”, the jury found back then.