After his bosses, it’s Cyril Hanouna’s turn to go on the grill. The pillar of the C8 channel is heard this Thursday by the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the allocation of TV frequencies, a high-risk hearing for the most controversial presenter of the PAF. The presenter of “Touche pas à mon poste” is used to slip-ups on set and his broadcasts have in recent years earned C8 a barrage of sanctions from Arcom, the media regulator, for a total of 7.5 million euros. euros in fines.

The host of “TPMP” is expected at 2 p.m. at the National Assembly, one day after Vincent Bolloré and two weeks after the leaders of Canal, C8 and CNews, all in the fold of the businessman. “Tomorrow is the big day, I will be auditioned from 2:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and apparently, for me, they asked for an exemption, I am the only one to have 2:30 and I am flattered,” commented the presenter during his show from yesterday.

He will be accompanied by Lionel Eisenstein, the general director of H20, his production company, and questioned by this commission of inquiry launched by LFI deputies. His hearing comes two weeks after Arcom launched the process of renewing 15 digital terrestrial television (DTT) frequencies. This procedure will determine which channels will have the right to broadcast in France in 2025.

The sensitive question is whether C8 and CNews will keep their frequency after numerous reminders from the regulator. “The success of the Canal channels and the freedom of tone of Canal are annoying,” argued Vincent Bolloré on Wednesday. Regarding Cyril Hanouna, “it’s his success that protects him,” he declared. Two weeks earlier, the CEO of Canal, Maxime Saada, had already explained to deputies that the host’s “excesses” were “an assumed risk”. Cyril Hanouna’s hearing promises to be all the more tense as LFI deputy Louis Boyard must participate. In November 2022, the host insulted this elected official live, leading to a record fine of 3.5 million euros for C8.

Sunday, on the social network He did the same after those of February 29, in which CNews headliners Pascal Praud, Laurence Ferrari and Sonia Mabrouk also participated, denouncing “a political tribunal”. These hearings had sparked criticism, with Eric Ciotti (LR) and Marine Le Pen (RN) in particular accusing the commission of being biased.